Essentially as Leaders in Glass, McCoy’s is dedicated and focused towards supplying the Building Glass Industry. Due to the danger of handling glass McCoy’s does not supply glass directly to the consumer. McCoy’s only supplies Glass companies and distributors who are recognized experts in the handling and installation of building Glass. 

McCoy’s has the ability, infrastructure and capacity to supply and deliver glass from custom cut to size or processed glass pieces, single stock sheets, cases , packs or full truck loads. Our range of glass products is the widest range of building glass available in Africa. Most products we sell , we stock. This includes but not limited to a wide range of float glass, laminated glass, mirror, patterned glass, Low E Glass, Low Iron Glass and various high world leading High performance glass products. 

McCoy’s also manufactures and supplies Toughened Glass , Double Glazed SIG units, Bullet Resistant Glass and processed glass products. Most importantly McCoy’s is the leading distributor and processor of the world’s leading glass products.

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Stock Sheets

The core business of McCoy’s Glass is the supply and delivery of stock sheets of building glass to all our Glass partners in the industry. McCoy’s stock in excess of 1500 different stock sheet products and sizes currently ex stock

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Bulk Supply

McCoy’s Glass is also the largest independent distributor of Bulk Building Glass in Africa, we are able to supply full 30 ton loads with our own fleet, or even direct containers of building glass for specialized imported glass.

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McCoy’s Glass currently exports Building glass to several countries in Africa. This includes direct container loads, 30 ton mix loads as well as full containers of custom Tempered glass or SIG units.

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Laminated Glass

McCoy’s manufactures SABS PVB Laminated Safety Glass. We have 3 automated laminating production lines and we are one of the largest producers of laminated glass in Africa. Our laminated Glass carries the SABS mark, this is a legal requirement for all laminated glass installed in South Africa.

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Cut to Size

McCoy’s is the Market Leader in the supply of CUT TO SIZE glass products. This service is possible by the use of Automated Glass Cutting tables. McCoy’s Glass currently owns the most Lisec Cutting tables.

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McCoy’s Glass also offers all our Glass Partners a wide range of processed glass products including Bevelled, Polished, arrised, drilled and CNC cut product.

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McTough, toughened safety glass is ideal for bolted structural glazing and frameless applications. McTough has excellent resistance to thermal stress which makes it ideal to be used in applications such as refrigerator and oven doors, where ordinary annealed glass is likely to fracture.

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Bullet-resistant glass is usually constructed using a strong but transparent material such as polycarbonate thermoplastic or by using layers of laminated glass.

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Double Glazing

Double Glazed units are manufactured from two or more panes of glass held apart by a metal spacer and bonded with a primary and secondary seal, McCoy's units are double sealed.

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McToughLam is a product which combines the strength and safety of McTough, toughened safety glass with the advantages of safety, sound control and solar control of McLam® laminated safety glass.

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