McWaste is a waste company owned and operated by McCoy's Glass.
Waste glass is sorted and where possible re-cycled - we only offer skip removal services to customer located within Alrode. If this service would interest you please complete the below and we will have someone contact you.

We have many strategies in place at McCoy’s glass to reduce and manage waste in our facilities by improving optimization and using appropriate stock sheet sizes.
McCoy’s carries the widest range of stock sheets available in Africa in order to minimize the generation of waste.
However when waste is generated we endeavor to manage and recycle as much as possible:
All broken glass and offcuts are sorted and cut to smaller pieces where possible.
We endeavor to cut wasted laminated glass into small pieces to support under privileges schools in SA (Glass4Kids)
Before throwing away glass we can’t use , glass is sorted and usable broken glass is returned to the manufacturing facility as raw material to make fresh glass.

The remainder is disposed of using our own waste company McWaste. McWaste also serves and assists local customers based in Alrode with cost effective removal and disposal of waste glass.
McWaste and McCoy’s continue to endeavor to minimize waste and commit to playing an active role in protecting the environment and reducing emissions to the environment, through efficient distribution and manufacturing techniques. Our aim is to reduce our emissions by 50% by 2030.