McCoy's Exclusive Range

McCoy's has a very Selective and Exclusive McLam® Range

McLam® Energy Saving Glass (ESG)

The Glass of the future which saves you energy and money. Introducing McLam® ESG, yet another innovative product from McCoy's, Leaders in Glass. Lower your heating and cooling costs - without ruining your view

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McLam® Sound Stop Acoustic Glass

McLam® Sound stop acoustic glass™ is a sound reducing glass and a breakthrough in glass advancement, allowing you the highest level of environmental comfort.

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McLam® All Seasons Glass® (ASG)

Introducing the most energy efficient window glass made in South Africa. 4 Seasons of comfort Performs like reflective glass but it’s clear

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McLam® Arctic Snow PLUS™ (ASP)

Laminated safety glass which transmits a high percentage of visible diffused light with no through-vision.

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A new world class alternative Solar control reflective laminated safety glass providing optimum heat reduction and providing you with a "one way" vision. Also available in Low E

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McLam® EXTRA CLEAR GLASS™ (ECG) is a very clear glass like you've never seen it before. Even the clearest glass has a tint of green reducing light transmission. But not anymore with our newest product in the McCoy's range known is Extra white, low iron float glass that is practically colourless.

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