McLam® Tinted Laminated Safety Glass

McCoy's has a wide selection of standard tinted Laminated products but at the same time can custom make a laminated to suit you authentic look whilst providing a the safety element. - SABS APPROVED

Common Laminated tints are:

  • McLam® Cool Grey
  • McLam® Cool Bronze
  • McLam® Translusant Cool Grey
  • McLam® Translusant Cool Bronze
  • McLam® Cool Blue
  • McLam® Regal Blue
  • McLam® Serene Green
  • McLam® has several other tint options available including Deep Cool Tint's - please get in contact with us

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McLam® Cool Tint Range (Colourvue)

  • Tinted PVB interlayers or green glass
  • Medium solar control, glare control and light transmission
  • SHGC ranges from 0.77 to 0.53
  • Low reflectivity

McLam® Deep Cool Tint Range (Colourvue)

  • Double tinted PVB interlayers or green glass
  • Low light transmission
  • Good glare control with best solar control of the tinted range
  • SHGC ranges from 0.73 to 0.42
  • Very Low reflectivity

Ultraviolet Screening
Helps protect valuable furniture, displays or merchandise from the harmful effects of UV radiation

Solar Energy Performance
Helps to create comfortable conditions for occupants by reducing harsh effects of glare and solar radiation in home and office spaces

Energy Efficient options available
Our tinted laminates can be coupled with a Low we performance layer that will offer you an energy efficient glass to enhance a rooms temperature whether its to keep the warmth in or the cool of the aircons inside to make your living space or office space as comfortable as possible