McLam® Sound Stop Acoustic Laminated Safety Glass

For superior sound insulation performance, McCoy's Glass has it's own exclusive product range for this purpose with a vast range of laminated glass combinations that incorporate acoustic clear and tinted PVB interlayers along with a Low E component should this be required.

A combination of these acoustic laminated glasses skins made as a double glazed unit can further reduce the regression of unwanted noise and enhance thermal insulation and solar heat control of glazing designs.

A measure for the sound insulation of glass is expressed as Rw, which is an average value measured in decibels (dB) that takes into account the sensitivity of the human ear to sound volumes, frequencies and pitch. The higher the Rw value, the better the noise reduction of the glass. - SABS APPROVED

Acoustic laminates are available with any of the coloured vinyl interlayers of the tinted laminated glass range. Acoustic laminates can also be manufactured with any McLam® Med Ref (SolarVue) or Mclam® Ref (SolarShield) coated products.


  • Noticeable improvement in sound reduction that reduces the passage of noise through windows and doors
  • Filters UV rays, thereby reducing fading of carpets, furniture and curtains amoungst other things too
  • Available in single glazed or double glazed for extra thermal protection

Suggested Application

  • Can be glazed into standard aluminium, wooden or specialist frames and can be used for residential / commercial or Public spaces
  • Commonly used to reduce noise from airports, road traffic, public events and schools, boardrooms, offices and many more

Download our McLam® Sound Stop Acoustic Glass brochure.

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