SAGGA Membership

For example, there are stringent policies and procedures to follow with regards to the way individual products are installed, and the National Building Regulations determine the way in which all reputable companies operating in the building industry have to conduct their business. For safety’s sake, products have to be durable enough and robust in form to withstand and oppose certain pressures that are put upon them. This is, however, all predetermined.

In most industries, an industry body exists to ensure that its members adhere to industry best practices in terms of their products and what the law stipulates. McCoy’s are accountable to SAGGA: The South African Glass and Glazing Association.

McCoy’s is a proud and committed corporate member of SAGGA and industry-leading standards are maintained in their products and services. They know that to be Leaders in Glass, you have to be accountable to the best body that currently exists in the Glass Industry.

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